Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow Ride

When I left for Pocohontas State Park the temps were a balmy 20 deg F. But that was a good thing because it meant the trails would have a nice solid coating of snow and would not be muddy. And so they were with more traction than you would expect.

I arrived solo and completed my winter riding dress in my car not daring to lose precious body heat before getting fully geared up. No one else from the team had confirmed they would make it out for the days scheduled BTS ride. I did hear from Joe Fish that he might join me at 9:00.

After a quick GoPro test I got ready to roll out and Joe showed up. I rode around the trails a bit as he got geared up.

We rolled out and knocked out a bunch of the Green and Blue trails before heading over to Lake View and riding all three of those trails. Conditions were awesome!

I brought my GoPro and made a short movie, check it out!

After our first “lap” that was about two hours we stopped back at the cars to get some food. We saw Dave H. had just arrived and was getting ready to ride. He hopped on our train and we rode the green, blue, and red trails for about an hour and a half.

Riding in the snow is a ton of fun and really sharpens your mountain bike skills. I had a great time riding with Joe and Dave H.

After about three and a half hours ride time, I was really glad to get back to the car.


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