Monday, October 7, 2013

Under the Looking Glass - Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race

My trusty GoPro HD Hero cameras help me capture the experience of my bike adventures. After a long race like the 5th annual Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race, I take some time away from all the blog posting activity and hours upon hours of video. Often weeks later, I finally return to review the video and spend time watching everything that happened and carefully picking stills out of the millions of frames… Sometimes there is not much, but often there are moments of pure gold.

Featured here are images I’ve extracted from my video. These snapshots of fleeting moments help me relive the experience. They let me uncover hidden scenes that were lost in the blur and frenzy that is bike racing.

Preparing the arsenal



[Br] [Bre]  - Breaking Bread

Ready, Set



Whoa Nelly!

Pisgah Trail

Taking Care of Business




Hey, you got to Respect The Mountain, Baby

Getting it done

That's the spirit!

Sent and Delivered

Good Times, Great Place

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