Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012 Urban Assault bike race

Great race action this weekend at the 2012 Urban Assault bike race here in Richmond, VA. This was my 2nd time racing in the expert class for a local XC event, and I really enjoyed the ride and the fast pace. It's nice not to have to work your way through the waves of people that have started before you. This has often been the case while racing in the sport class. However, the flip side is that you don't feel quite as fast because you are not passing people often.

The weather was excellent and the trails were dry, dusty, and super fast! I enjoyed the way the race course started this year. Winding around Bell Isle parking lot kept things interesting and the long dirt road section evenly paced riders out.

Overall the race went well for me, with the exception of a high speed crash in Forest Hill. I clipped my right foot on a root or rock or something and was immediately ejected with extreme prejudice! I estimate the incident cost me about 40 seconds and I've got some new body art and sore ribs, courtesy of the trail. I'm just glad I was not seriously hurt.

The remainder of the race continued without a hitch and at a blistering pace. Jeff Lenowsky was racing in the expert class and at one point was nipping at my heals. I had to work hard to fend him off and finally pulled a decent gap. It was cool to race with such a well known and accomplished rider. 

I've put together a short video of the race I created from my GoPro footage.
Check it out, and if you like this kind of video action, make sure to follow my blog for more upcomming races!

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