Monday, January 2, 2012

50/50 in the RVA for 2012

The 2012 50/50 started nice and brisk abut 7:20am and would warm up into a classic cluster fudge. The typical cast and crew assembled for the day's ride and would soon be scampering through the city.

Early in the morning, the motly crew blasted through Carytown and the museum district, taunting the overindulgent new year's eve revelers with our loud hooliganism.

We made our way to Church Hill via a multitude of questionable railraod causways and a seemilingly continous processions of sketchy traffic violations. Stay on the front of the train or get dropped off the back like a new years resolution.

After making our roost on Church Hill, the urban ride transitioned to the questionalbe and ghetto phabulus pirate trails. One of our crew got to sample a rusted I-beam to both shins. In the 50/50, There will be blood.

A bit later, and after mechanical fixes and various types of refueling, the ride headed out towards the port of Richmond and we skirted a large stone quarry I had never ridden near before.

Then, the ride stiched together southside city pavement, a "wheelin" gravel road, train tracks, and some county roads. We stopped for lunch before kicking it over to Pocahontas State Park. I got a front flat while the ride cranked through Poco and was promtly dropped off the back. Plassman don't care.

Finally, we were mountain biking. The group rode most of the old trails and all of lakeview. My legs were aching pretty good at this point and we stopped for water while sizing up the situation of a rapidly fading day.

The crew formed into fractured set of pacelines as we headed back to Richmond via Courthouse road. I struggled to hold a wheel and was eventually cranking along solo for the majority of my ride back to the house where we all started.

Throughout the day, proper riding nutrition inevitably got cast aside or left behind. On the final stretches of road back to Richmond and up Riverside Drive, my legs and body were bonking pretty good. Kickig it solo at this point left me little motivation to ride enough extra road and trail to make it an even hundred so I settled for 88. Not my preffered way to end a -group- ride.

An awesome feast of homemade Chilli, Dip, Cornbread, Cookies, and other treats awaited back at the start/finish residence. Soon, calories and beer had me feeling like a man again. A hella big thank you goes out to Brandy & Travis for hosting.

The ride was everything I expected, and more or less. I'm already looking forward to wrecking myself next New Year's day.



  1. Awesome write up Jeff. It was quite an adventure.

  2. Don't blow smoke up my ass, this event is highly uncivilized from start to finish! The sprint home left a trail of broken souls scattered throughout the southside.
    The first pic is awesome. Cheers to Old Man Winter for holding off a day or two! Double cheers to Brandy & Travis for cleaning up after you dirt bags! Video...?

  3. Hey Rooster, are those bottle openers for the finishers coming soon?? Hahaha

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  5. Finisher would be a relative term, survivor may be more appropriate. Some are laying claim to the appropriate mileage with some lackluster late street cruising, or some questionable "ride to the ride" miles which have not been confirmed. Plus, you'll have to butter up to Scottie D. Yuck!

  6. It looks more to me like you hit the deer.